Exercise tips

Aerobic and strength exercise can improve your overall health, as well as reduce fatigue and improve bladder and bowel function, strength, balance, mobility and mood.


Exercise tips


To achieve fitness benefits, adults with MS aged 18 to 64 years who have mild to moderate disability should get at least:


30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity TWICE a week
Strength training exercises for major muscle groups TWICE a week


Meeting these guidelines may help to reduce fatigue, improve mobility and enhance elements of health-related quality of life.


Talk to a healthcare professional about what types and amounts of physical activity are appropriate for you.


Here are some exercise tips from other people living with MS:

  • Work at your own speed. Try activities that have different intensity options so you can do as much or as little as you want depending on how you feel.
  • Manage muscle pain. A really good warm-up, massage or physiotherapy can help.
  • Treat daily tasks as exercise. Take the stairs, park away from the entrance or go for a walk at lunch.
  • Work out with a friend. Find a workout partner and encourage each other to get out there.




Diet tips

Diet tips

While many special diets have been proposed for people with MS, none have been proven to prevent MS or affect the way it may develop.












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